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The Captain

February 13, 2014

I usually only write when I’m angry. Tonight I write because my heart hurts. Why you ask? Well if you’re a baseball or even a sports fan you know who Derek Jeter is. He’s the shortstop for the Yankees, the longest tenured captain for the historic team. To me he is more than all of this. Today I read that this will be his last year and Ill never forget the time and place when I did see the announcement.

Being born in 1994 Ive maybe watched a total of 100 Yankee games that Jeter hasn’t played in. (Most being last season) Jeter is the Yankees to me. Of course I know the history of this historic franchise but Jeter has been it for me.

Jeter is my Michael Jordan, Hulk Hogan and Joe Montana rolled into one. No scratch that, Jeter has been bigger than all these golden images to me.

The first Yankee game I truly remember was Game Six of the 2003 World Series. I watched Josh Beckett dominate a team I had just fallen in love with. Ever since then it has been the Yankees in everything.

That summer I tried to copy cat the “Jeter Jump Throw” everything Jeter was I wanted to be. Hell I still want to be him. My generation of baseball has been filled with steroid scandals, sports in my generation in general have been filled with some terrible story’s. Yet this man has managed to stay clear off all of this.

Always playing the game the right way, respecting the game, staying quite and letting his game do the talking. Boy did his game talk.

Jeter is baseball, in a season that is mentally and physically grueling Jeter is always hustling. I love watching him run out ground balls love watching him chasing a foul ball that is 20 rows deep in the stands.

I’ve been lucky enough to watch Jeter play live twice. This year I plan to make it a third. I’m done being sad about this news. The way I see it we have around 150 guaranteed games maybe even less to watch this man play the game he has put so much into it. I plan to celebrate every single one of them.

I’m not sure if I’m right to say “world series or bust” but it would truly be a fairy-tale ending to a glorious story. Who would of thought that a kid from “Kalamazoo” would go down as one of if not the greatest Yankees of all time.

I leave you with this. It has been so much fun and a complete honor to watch Jeter play. The inspiration from Jeter to give your all every single play on and off the field and to never give up is something I will take with me wherever I go. You owe us nothing more Derek. I can not wait to tell young kids that I got to watch the great Jeter in the living flesh play the great game of baseball.

Thank you so much Derek Jeter. You’ll always be my captain and I wish you many years of happiness after baseball. You deserve it.

Much love,


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