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Fuck “sorry”

January 13, 2014

There comes appoint in life when “sorry” just doesn’t cut it anymore….
From my early childhood I would venture to say the word “sorry” has completely lost its meaning to me….

When you use a word so much it starts to lose its value….

When someone says “I would say I’m sorry but you wouldn’t believe me anyways” it usually means I’ve continuously fucked up but I feel like this word takes all that back….

Being burned and hurt by so many close “family” and “friends” I have no use for the word sorry….

Once you invest so much in a person and they continuously burn you and make you look like a fool there comes a time when you must give up…not give up on the person but that persons actions….

Until the person make an attempt to change or help themselves the word sorry has no meaning…..people use sorry as a scapegoat….

If you didn’t think about the consequences while you were doing something you shouldn’t have been doing then your not sorry…..your just sorry you got caught….

Make a change….make your words have meaning

Much love


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