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My take on relationships

December 13, 2013

As I lay wide awake tonight I began to think about the steps of a relationship for a kid around my age (19 almost 20!)

Lets just say you have never met him/her: you know nothing about them.

Maybe it’s just me but this is how I think it goes:

First off you your physically attracted to them…..remember you know nothing about this person……

Second you start to familiarize with said person….you go over the basic shit….music interest favorite movies favorite food all that good stuff

After that comes this weird phase….you start to be a little more flirty maybe you’ve hung out with this person a few times and your trying to get a feel on how the other person feels… don’t want to jump the gun and face rejection because absolutely nobody like rejection….

Alright so you’ve asked this person out and they said yes! Congrats!!!! Now comes the best part of relationships….the fire is there between you two. you go out all the time, great date nights, hanging out with friends not to mention the sex is great!

But somewhere in the next seven months to a year all that shit fades away… stay in alot more….you start wanting to be able to hang out with your friends alone….you don’t talk near as much and you start to see little shit your significant other does that just irritates you….

So shits bad now and your wondering what to do….most of the time you do one of two things ….either start to slowly push that person away for the next two months until they ask you what’s wrong where you deny the first few times then finally let them down.
Or you second option: let them down as soon as you started to grow irritated…..

Fast forward and you’ve broken up, now most of the time the person who breaks up with the other just has a hay day the first weekend they get out of the relationship…. Partying hooking up being “happy” all that crap that goes on for around two months

All the while the person who gotten broken up with sits broken hearted: here you thought things were great, then boom! Like a freight train your world is ending (trust me: it’s not) so you sit there listening to sappy songs watching sappy movies feeling sorry for yourself….don’t feel like doing anything and don’t understand how life can go on….first you hurt so much then you start to hate….you hate that the person you exposed yourself to broke your heart….you hate because it’s easy….you may forgive but you’ll never forget

About two months later and the roles are usually reversed: the person who did the breaking up usually realizes they fucked up and automatically post a status/tweet reading that very tired lyric of “you don’t know what you got till its gone” they start to hurt just as much as the person who got broken up with ….they send the “sorry” texts the lengthy texts trying anything to get the other back

But all the while the person who got broken up with has realized that hey life goes on after a break up…they’ve accepted it dealt with their feelings and moved on….usually they come to a conclusion “they didnt deserve to be treated the way they were, they are better than that” and then they go out havin a good time and living their life being happy again

The person who did the breaking up? Ya they are sitting there checking the others tweets/status wondering how the other is so happy and moved on so “quick”

(hey dumbass while they were hurt you were doing the same thing, now you’ve realized you fucked up and want them back….ha! Idiot)

Time passes then you slowly either fade completely apart because theres still hate between you two
or become good friends putting the past away and growing up and being there for each other….you then bitch to each other about your current relationship check In every now and you say “we need to catch up soon” but in reality you have no plans seeing the other and texting is good enough….

Anyways that’s my take on relationships for kids around my age…..note this isn’t about my past relationship I just think about weird shit when I can’t sleep! Feel free to comment on my flaws in theory or your own theories!

Much love,


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  1. Trev permalink

    I wouldn’t say this represents any of MY relationships, but I also didn’t have many. I do know a relationship that went almost EXACTLY like this. And of course, now these two people are friends and are both very close to me.

  2. Right….this was mostly towards the “typical” high school relationship….also my take from being on both sides of it….

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