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An apology to my friends..

December 10, 2013

Tonight I have ended a five year relationship that has made me make alot of mistakes… I’m not writing about this relationship because be honest no one really cares about another sappy feel sorry for yourself story…..fuck that…..

I just wanted to take a quick minute and tell all of my friends that I am sorry…..I make mistakes, I’m human, I cry, I bleed, I feel, I care.

I hope you all can realize that I am not perfect and even though you had nothing but the best intentions for me I never listened….why? I have no idea.

You guys have never led me astray before and never will….but for some reason I couldn’t listen….

So I’m sorry for I’m sure lying to you, ditching you, not trusting you, not listening to you, not taking the time to even entertain your thoughts….

I have failed you as a friend and I promise to do better

That’s all I can say, and I hope you understand

You all are the best people I could ever ask for….many of you family

Much love


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  1. Trevin permalink

    Good read. Keep your head up kid!

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