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sucess and happiness

April 4, 2013

sometimes i wonder wether sucess and happiness are the exact same thing?

to me they come hand in hand with each other.

the way i determine my overall “sucess” is based off of my overall “happiness”

for some though i dont feel like this is the case.

i think that most people measure happiness off of the amount of “sucess” that they expeiernce.

sucess for some is amount of money they have or how good at sports or hobbies they are, or how many material things they have to represent their life.

i feel like everyone in the entire world has just an equal opportunity to be sucessfull as anyone else.

the amount of money or your living status in my mind should have absoutley nothing to do with this.

sucess is happiness for me, so as long as i have the friends that i have and the family i have no matter where i am in the universe i will always be suessfull.

sucess comes with happiness not the other way around.

i also feel like as a kid you have so much pressure to succeed at so many different things. and failure can not be accepted. but if you put everything you have in a circumstance and still fail i feel like you have no reason to hold your head. the facts are simple you will not be great at everything you do. some one out there is faster bigger and stronger. but with inner peace and happiness you can accept these things and be sucessfull.

sucess is such a broad term used to much. be happy not matter what. if we all chose to sit back and wait for happiness to come to us the world wouldnt be very fun. so relax find happiness and sucess will come. i know in the things i have been through in life that with out my friends to keep me happy i would be in a dark place.

i think it was tupac who said “even the darkest night turns into day”

thanks for reading feel free to share your thoughts or your own definitions of what these terms mean!

much love


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